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Tw3 boat

Geralt sailing on lake in Velen.

Since The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Geralt can now sail small boats. To use a boat, he must first board the vessel, then take the helm using the E key. To navigate, he can use W to move forward, A to steer towards the left (port) and D to steer to towards the right (starboard). He can also reverse by using S.

Boats can sink if they take too much damage, and their health is indicated by an on-screen display that appears when traveling by boat. Enemies will try to attack while you’re sailing, and they can rip apart a boat quickly. Running aground rocks or beaches can also damage a boat, so careful navigation is required.

Geralt can also Fast Travel while on a boat, but only to destinations accessible via a water route. To Fast Travel by boat, open the panel for World Map while at the helm of a ship. You can travel to any point marked with symbol of anchor.

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