Saesenthessis, commonly known amongst people as Saskia the Dragonslayer, Virgin of Aedirn, was a dragon. She was a key player in the battle of Vergen and depending of the outcome, queen of the independ realm of Upper Aedirn.

She was a doughter of the famous Golden dragon Villentretenmerth and a Green dragon Myrgtabrakke.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

She was born in rather perilous time during the famous Hunt for a Dragon in which a group consisting of various individuals tried to hunt down and killed her mother, a Green Dragon Myrgtabrakke. The little hatchling was in grave danger because her mother was poisoned by the party and she survived only because another dragon arrived on the scene. It was none other then the famous Villentretenmerth, a Golden dragon and her father. With a little help, her father managed to defeate the attackers and when the fight was over, he thanked those who helped him and left with the little hatchling.

Villen raised the little dragoness and thought her everything he new, including his views on various topics such as the equality of all life, justice and honor. She was given name of Saesenthessis and she accepted her father´s views as her own. Because she was a cross-breed, her mother was a Green dragon and father a Golden one, she inherited the skill of polymorphism, though in here case, it was extremly limited - she was only able to take one alternate form, that of a beautiful human maid.

However her "childhood" did not take a long time and quite early, her father left her on her own. Though that might sound harsh, it was actually common practice among dragons. So young Saesenthessis began to travel the world alone.

Life as Saskia Edit

On her travels, she met an Elven commander of Scoia'tael unit, Iorveth. Not much is known about their meeting but they respected each other. It was Iorveth, who had the idea about her fictional alias. So the dragoness took human form and adopted the name Saskia. They come up with her entire history - she was from Aedirn and there she fought and killed a dragon. Thus her alias Saskia the Dragonslayer came to be. She was active in the kingdom of Aedirn where she atracted many folks of different race and stock. Her ideals about freedom and equality lured the oppresed from far away who soon started to call he Virgin of Aedirn.

She eventually moved to the city of Vergen in the Pontar Valley. Here, she created quite a unique city where dwarves, men and elves lived together as equals. Though things looked great from start, tragic event soon occured. King Demavend III, lord of Aedirn, was assasinated. Though he left the heir, his son Prince Stennis, a neighbouring king of Kaedwen, Henselt, used this opportunity and sent an invasion force to the Pontar valley with intention to anex it. Thus the prince and his noblmen joint their forces with the Dragonslayer and came to the city of Vergen.

Battle of Vergen Edit

Around this time, a different conflict occured. In Temeria, king Foltest laid a siege of La Valette Castle. Saskia new the young lord Aryan La Valette and agreed with his views on equality so she left Vergent and flew to the battlefield with intention to help him. She attacked the invading forces of the king but after a while, she was driven away. Not for long however. She returned and attacked with wrath almost burning alive the king himself. He was saved in the last moment by the witcher Geralt of Rivia who pierced his silver sword into her maw. This injured her enough and she left the battlefield and returned to Vergen.

Not long after, she was invited along with the prince Stennis to negotiate with invading Henselt. As expected, the negotiations were not easy and eventually ended up in a duel. This duel however was interupted when the King killed a monk named Olcan and his blood activated a dormant curse.

Roche's path Edit

If you take Roche's path, you probably won't find out much about this dragon. It appears in the Prologue where it fights against king Foltest, Roche, Geralt, and Triss as they try to make their way to Foltest's children during the siege of La Valette castle. During his interrogation Geralt states this is highly unusual behaviour for a dragon and suggests that its lair was probably located nearby and that it must have felt endangered by the battle. According to Vernon Roche "The ploughing dragon nearly altered the result of the battle." In the end Geralt injures it by trapping its head in a gate and stabbing in the mouth with his silver sword, and the dragon retreats in the general direction of Aedirn.

During the deliberations at Loc Muinne in Chapter III sorceress Síle de Tansarville summons it to her defence and Geralt has to fight it. Síle later states that the dragon is controlled by Philippa Eilhart, another sorceress. The boss fight ends with Geralt flying on the dragon's back and the dragon impaling itself on a broken tree. You can either choose to kill it or to leave it be.

Iorveth's path Edit

You find out a lot more about Saesenthessis if you take Iorveth's path. See Roche's part for happenings during the Prologue. There is one note to which you should pay particular attention: The Crinfrid Reavers mention encountering the dragon on a scouting patrol and Scoia'tael bowing in honor upon seeing it.

In Chapter I listen to the hints regarding Iorveth's motivations. His 'higher goal' will be explained in the next chapter.

In Chapter II you find out this dragon is actually Saskia, the Virgin of Aedirn, as she changes her shape in order to protect Geralt from certain death at the hands of Dethmold. She reveals she is actually daughter of the golden dragon Villentretenmerth also known as Bork Three Jackdaws. Her motivation to unite all the people of Aedirn is explained and it is also stated she's been long preparing the revolt with Iorveth who also invented the Dragonslayer story. Only too late does Geralt find out that as Philippa Eilhart was curing Saskia from poison she also gained control over her using a Rose of remembrance. Philippa means to use her as her safety guard during the deliberations in Loc Muinne and Geralt and Iorveth pursue them there.

In Chapter III you can find counterspell to free Saskia from Philippa's influence. However it can only be done in a cutscene after the boss fight

Significant plot details end here.

The Witcher 3: Wild HuntEdit

Saesenthessis appears as a Gwent card, and is a part of the Scoiatel faction.


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