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The Witcher (PC) Edit

Permanent runes are branded onto blades to produce silver swords of a higher quality than the base weapon, they can not be used on steel swords. The permanent rune stones are combined in threes.

There are also temporary runes, which Geralt can apply himself. These have blade enhancing effects similar to oils, and cannot be used at the same time as an oil on a given blade. Temporary runes can be applied to either steel or silver swords and provide a temporary upgrade to the weapon, similar to weapon oil in duration. The enhancement depends on the rune stone used, but all last for a period of 24 hours.

Permanent runes: Temporary runes:
Runes Earth Earth rune Runes Perun Perun
Runes Moon Moon rune Runes Svarog Svarog
Runes Sun Sun rune Runes Vodon Vodon

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Edit

Runes are placed in the rune slots for swords to enhance their base statistics.

Weapon enhancements:
Tw2 rune earth Earth rune
Tw2 rune fire Fire rune
Tw2 rune moon Moon rune
Tw2 rune sun Sun rune
Tw2 rune ysgith Ysgith rune
Magical glyphs:
Tw2 rune animal Animal rune
Tw2 rune death Death rune
Tw2 rune sky Sky rune
Tw2 rune time Time rune

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