Rudolf de Jonkheer was a nobleman and banker who lived in the city of Novigrad, and took great interest in property sales.

Biography Edit

In 1272, Rudolf de Jonkheer purchased a house near the fish market of Novigrad. When he spent his first night in the house, he suspected it was haunted, as he heard giggling, and furniture moving around, and even found feces in the parlor. As he paid a lot of money for the property, he wanted to know the house's history, and to know if it was haunted, so he hired Corinne Tilly, a local oneiromancer, who dreamt the house's history. Geralt came through to the house and met Rudolf and Corinne, and was able to discover that the noises were coming from nothing other than a godling named Sara. After Geralt left the house, he was confronted by Rudolf, who asked what the noises were.

If Geralt told him the house was haunted: Geralt told Rudolf that the house was haunted, and nobody could solve that issue. Rudolf was disappointed, as he paid a lot for the house. Sara the godling and Corinne Tilly took up residence in the house and lived happily together.

If Geralt tells Rudolf how to stop the haunting: Rudolf drove Sara away, and was pleased that he had acquired a valuable new property. Sara became homeless, and travelled to Velen, where she eventually found another godling, Johnny.

Associated quests Edit