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COA Redania

Royal Redanian Army was the core of the armed forces of the kingdom of Redania. They took part in the war with Nilfgaard, during the battles at Brenna and Maribor. Initially, the army consisted of approximately thirty-five thousand (35,000) soldiers, including a cavalry five thousand strong. With the substantial financial support of Kovir, Redania recruited about eighty-five thousand (85,000) more troops, including twenty thousand (20,000) mounted troops.

In the battle of Brenna, the Redanian forces participating in the initial charge were led by Korbus, 9th Count de Ruyter. The rest of the Redanians were part of a hidden reinforcement, 10,000 horsemen strong, including in its ranks also Kaedwenian and Aedirnian troops. Under the leadership of General Blenheim Blenckert this force crushed the northern flank of the Nilfgaardians and turned the tide of the battle.


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