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Notes Edit

This quest was never fully implemented in the game. One anonymous user posted that they had gotten the quest, but provided no proof whatsoever, nor any additional information.

Phases Edit

Royal Edicts Edit

I promised Radovid that I would get the royal edicts. Another thing is whether I should really give them to him? Edicts are located in the army warehouse at the main square in the Trade Quarter.

Betrayal Edit

The contact betrayed us! The army and Salamanders attacked us! I must recover the edicts, they're somewhere inside the building!

Edicts Edit

I killed the traitor. Time to look for the edicts - they're somewhere in the building. (1000 XP)

A Traitor's Daughter Edit

I promised the traitor I would save his daughter. She's in the other part of the warehouse - I can get there via the upper floor.

The Search Edit

I saved the girl, but I was foolish to think somebody would reward me. The edicts are somewhere in the building. (2000 XP)

The Decision Edit

I have the royal edicts. Time to analyze them. Can I trust Radovid? Maybe I should show them to somebody else. Triss, perhaps?

Forgery Edit

Radovid has evidence that the royal edicts have been forged. He's considering whether to notify Foltest.

Forgery Edit

Triss noticed that the royal edicts are signed. That makes Thaler a liar. Triss wants to make sure by sending them out to be examined, but this will take time.