Ronvid of the Small Marsh is a very inept yet persistent young knight stalking Geralt of Rivia, determined to defeat a hundred knights to win the hand of Maid Bilberry. Geralt meets him on three separate occasions, firstly near Crow's Perch in Velen, then near the gates of Free City of Novigrad and finally, upon Novigrad's docks.

Associated quests Edit


  • Convincing Ronvid and two hired thugs to leave results in more than twice as much Tw3 icon xp.
  • If Ronvid is killed, a document titled "To the Most Beautiful Woman in the World" may be looted off his body.
  • Maid Bilberry is mentioned to have died on a post made on a notice board by her father "Butkins". It is also suggested that Bilberry was 4 years old, however it's unclear if this has any relation to Ronvid. It's unlikely that someone would go out of their way to slay so many in battle so to impress a 4 year old. Unless Ronvid is actually the father, and desires battle with others so to help him cope with his grief.