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Roderick of Dun Tynne was ruler of the Dun Tynne region within Toussaint. He inherited the domain from his grandfather, who once served as counselor of Duchess Adela Marta. During his reign, he refused protection from the Ducal Guard and created his own group of knight-robbers, the so-called Dun Tynne Guard.

During the investigation of the Beauclairi murders, Geralt determined that Roderick had kidnapped Rhenawedd, the beloved of Dettlaff van der Eretein, to blackmail him and force him to kill. Geralt and Captain de la Tour made the assault on the castle, killing or jailing the entire crew. Geralt tried to free the abducted woman, but ran into Roderick himself. A short sword fight ensued, but the witcher had no problems defeating the lord.

Geralt then overheard and gathered key information - Roderick knew nothing about any woman being kidnapped. He alluded to the whereabouts of Anna Henrietta's sister, Syanna, and revealed that in fact it was Syanna who hatched a plan to blackmail Dettlaff, yet Roderick had not agreed to aid in any such plot. Through the gathering of information, Geralt surmised that Rhenawedd and Syanna were one and the same person.

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