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Reynart Bois-de Fresnes was one of the knights-errant who served in the duchy of Toussaint. Like his compatriots he made regular knightly vows in honor of Princess Anna Henrietta. These vows included never revealing his true name, nor his coat of arms. He became a friend of the witcher, Geralt and once accompanied him on a hunt for a cockatrice in Beauclair.

His first meeting with Geralt was under the nom-de-guerre of the "Chequered Knight" during a battle with the Nightingale gang at Caed Myrkvid. He also later helped Geralt and his company find their way through the mountain passes to Stygga castle. He was killed during a clash on the Cervantesa Pass and posthumously awarded the order of his country.

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His name (as his cousin) is a reference to Brian de Bois-Gulibert from Ivanhoe (written by Sir Waler Scott).

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