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This mod removes the dark mode effects - black smoke, black/pink filter and stomach rumbling noise when you use your Dark Mode sword. It also removes the vitality bonus/curse provided by these swords. Two versions of the mod are therefore provided.

  • No Dark Mode Effects – No Bonus: Removes the visual/audio effects AND the bonus/curse. Nothing else is changed.
  • No Dark Mode Effects – with extra bonus: :As above, but adds +1 vitality regeneration in combat to compensate for the lost bonus.

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Copy the files into the folder CookedPC/items. If the items subfolder doesn't exist, create it.

def_stats_item_swordsilver.xml (only if you used the "with bonus" version)
def_stats_item_swordsteel.xml (only if you used the "with bonus" version)

To uninstall: Remove the files.

New version for Enhanced Edition Edit

There is a new version made for the Enhanced Edition, it just removes the visual/audio effects while keeping the special stats.

Also available at Witchernexus

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