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"Nothing? Nothing?! Who concocted those poisonous potions? Who helped the Lodge of Sorceresses, sending them reports via megascope? Who addled men's mind with magic, eh? I know you, Remi. I know you and your crimes."
—Witch hunter to him[src]

Remi Villeroy is a mage from the Northern Kingdoms and is currently in hiding in the Farcorners district of Novigrad with his wife, Louisa, and his adoptive son. In 1272, after the witch hunts broke out, he went on the run from the witch hunters. Officially, they wanted him for contacting the Lodge via megascope and poisoning minds of Redanian soldiers.

If Geralt intervenes and helps Remi and his family, the mage thanks him and expresses a desire to give up magic before rewarding Geralt with Perun, Veles, and Chernobog runestones.

Associated quest Edit