Religion and Life is a book in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It can be purchased from the Trader at Crow's Perch.

Journal entry Edit

And should we thus submit our life to religion, or should we interpret religion so that it serves our lives instead? There are as many schools as there are philosophers, as many stories as there are human beings (and let us not forget elven beings, nor dwarven, halfling, gnomish ones, nor any other such sapient creature familiar with the quandaries of the soul). I, for my part, having survived now more than one hundred and twenty years (vodka and radishes work wonders, lend no creedence to anyone who claims differently), can swear with all certainty that there is no way to reconcile everyone at once, and what pleases one will provoke whingeing and sulking in another, and will undoubtedly cause a third to reach for his knife if it dares depart from his known, narrow world by so much as a hair. What then are we to do? How should we live? Why, as we like, as our soul urges, disregarding all the brayings of philosophers and ethicists, those contained in this tome included - disregard them as we would fairy tales or old wives' legends.

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