Reginald statue's genitals is a quest item in the Blood and Wine expansion.

They are known among Toussaint as "Beauclair's most valuable jewels" and are the subject of a rather interesting quest.

The genitals, seemingly concealed by a bay leaf, are part of the statue of Reginald d'Aubry in Beauclair, which is located above Lolivier Square within a ticketed exhibition managed by Rolande de Flakfizer. Those who purchase a ticket are allowed to admire the statue and stroke its genitals, and doing so is said to grant "unparalleled virility". The statue, but also the genitals themselves, are an integral part of the tourism sector of Beauclair as they bring in many visitors.


During the statue's creation, its genitals were apparently made using a cast of the real genitals of Reginald d'Aubry, and were later certified and authenticated.

In 1275, the statue's testes were stolen by a Beauclair resident named Hughes de Saberre, who used a diamond saw to precisely castrate them off the statue. Hughes then took the genitals to his home, where he had sex with a woman named Rosalinda three times, believing that the stones had indeed granted him with added virility.

If Geralt let Hughes keep Reginald's genitals: In the week following the theft, Hughes died, presumably from health complications that arose out of having too much sex in his old age. Geralt told the curator that Reginald's genitals were destroyed, though their true fate remains unknown.

If Geralt took Reginald's genitals from Hughes: Geralt returned Reginald's genitals to the exhibition, where the art curator reattached them to the statue. The exhibition reopened the following day.

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  • If the genitals are returned and later touched, Geralt is rewarded with a buff named "The Power of Reginald" which grants unlimited stamina outside of combat for 60 minutes.

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