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For more information regarding Rebis, see the rebis category.

The Witcher (PC) Edit

Substances Rebis
Rebis, indicated in green, is a basic alchemical substance. It is present in many ingredients, including herbs, minerals and monster parts. This category contains all ingredients with rebis as their primary substance. For more rebis ingredients which also contain secondary substances like Albedo, Nigredo and Rubedo, see the subcategories shown below.
Herbs Minerals Skinnable items

See also Edit

Substances Small Rebis Substances Small Albedo Rebis, with Albedo Substances Small Rebis Substances Small Nigredo Rebis, with Nigredo Substances Small Rebis Substances Small Rubedo Rebis, with Rubedo

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Edit

Rebis tw2
Rebis, now indicated in orange, is a basic alchemical substance. It is found in nine ingredients.
Plants Other Monster parts

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

Unlike previous games, Rebis is not simply part of other alchemical ingredients. It must be created using more basic ingredients. It is also used in the following formulae:

It is also used to craft a mastercrafted Ursine silver sword

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