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Baron Ravanen Kimbolt, one of the chief claimants to the Temerian throne after Foltest’s death, is an old style magnate.

He separates those around him into the nobly born and common folk, paying little attention to the latter, that is, unless he has a temporary use for them. Proud and gruff, he considers political power his birthright and has no patience for those who stand in his way.

Associated Quests Edit

Journal Entry Edit

In pursuing their profession, witchers meet individuals both warm and unfriendly, yet they're mostly indifferent to the types with which they must deal, since they themselves can become so unpleasant that only tax collectors and sorceresses can rival them. Be that as it may, Baron Kimbolt made an extremely bad impression on Geralt. He was one of the most powerful individuals in Temeria, yet after Foltest's death his influence grew further. He was known to deal remorselessly with any who stood in his way. The sole thing that could be said in his favor is that he supposedly adored his hunting dogs. Yet he had to leave them behind when he travelled to Loc Muinne, and perhaps that had made him even more discourteous than usual. Why did Geralt put up with him? Well, Kimbolt apparently had something to do with the disappearance of Boussy, Foltest's son.
Did I say "something to do with the disappearance of Boussy"? Forgive me the euphemism. Geralt discovered that Baron Kimbolt had commissioned someone to murder Foltest's son. The baron was intent on assuming the Temerian throne, and the boy simply stood in his way. Kimbolt had planned to dispose of both of Foltest's bastards and become king. His claims might have even been viewed as legitimate, since he was related to Foltest in some convoluted way. The nuances escape me, though one thing is sure - he was a very distant relative.
In recounting the baron's sins, one should add that he was also the one who had ordered Aryan La Valette tortured. He wanted the youth to confess in writing that Boussy and Anais had been born of incestuous relations between Aryan and his mother Louisa. At that point the baron's plans had been different - to become king based on his personal merits alone.
Kimbolt had also had Louisa La Valette tortured. He wished her to confess that she had been sleeping with her own son, and that both Boussy and Anais had been born of the incest. Obviously, there was no truth to this.

If Geralt accuses Kimbolt:

Fortunately, through Geralt's efforts, John Natalis had Baron Kimbolt arrested. The nobleman then answered for his part in Boussy's disappearance.

If Geralt accuses Maravel:

Kimbolt was who he was, and he had done what he had done. Yet Geralt decided his investigation of Boussy's disappearance had not yielded enough evidence to accuse the baron. In John Natalis' eyes, the nobleman would remain innocent.

If Geralt accuses both Kimbolt and Maravel:

Through Geralt's efforts, both Baron Kimbolt and Count Maravel would answer for their iniquitous intentions and their parts in Boussy's disappearance. However, John Natalis lacked the manpower in Loc Muinne to deal with them both. Thus, Kimbolt's hide was saved for the time being, while the forces he commanded eagerly assisted in Count Maravel's arrest.

Behind the scenes[1] Edit

When designing the baron’s appearance, we thought it should reflect the old aristocrat’s conservative beliefs. Kimbolt, a gray-haired man with a heavily furrowed face, has the stocky, hale frame of an old knight. Accessories like his steel vambraces and the heavy Temerian sword at his hip emphasize his military past, while the patch over his right eye proves just how fickle Fortune can be in wartime.

The baron’s carefully braided beard is a nod to the archaic style he professes. All these elements serve to set Kimbolt apart from younger Temerian nobles, making him a character both memorable and distinctive.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. In The Witcher 2: Artbook

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