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Places Ramsmeats place

Ramsmeat's place can be found in the slums of the Vizima Temple Quarter. Ramsmeat is not there that often himself, preferring instead to conduct his business from the back room of The Hairy Bear. The door is locked at all times and the whole place is guarded by two fairly tough looking bouncers.

Access Edit

There are two ways of getting inside:

  • Bribe the bouncers with 20 Items Oren. However, this has to be done each time Geralt wants to enter.
  • Kill the bouncers (only at night). Each of them has a key which will allow a permanent access. Ramsmeat doesn't seem to be bothered by the loss (nor any of the passers-by) and new bouncers will replace the dead ones within a day or two.

Associated quests Edit

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