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Ramsmeat is the leader, or king as he likes to call himself, of Vizima's underworld, running the less than law-abiding operations in the Temple Quarter. He likes to intimidate people and it is fairly clear from the moment that Geralt meets him that he is no one to be trifled with. He can be found in one of two places of the slums. One being the back room of The Hairy Bear, his preferred base of operations or at his home where he is usually accompanied Coleman, who is part of his little criminal organization. He also seems to have some sort of arrangement in place with the innkeeper, but the nature of the agreement is murky at best. The other one being his home, Ramsmeat's Place quite near the Hairy Bear, but Ramsmeat himself is rarely there, leaving it to be guarded by two of his henchmen. He seems to have an inexhaustible supply of these minions, and he is apparently not too bothered by their frequent turnover due to shortened lifespans. Depending on the timing, if Geralt kills the two bouncers guarding Ramsmeat's house, they are simply replaced by two more the very next day. Moreover, killing the bouncers provides a key to his place saving Geralt 20 Items Oren he would otherwise had to pay in order to get inside each time.

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"I met Ramsmeat, the leader of a gang from the Temple Quarter. He didn't make a good impression. I think the feeling was mutual.
His boys react nervously to the symbol of Salamandra. It is evident that they have some links to the organization.
The thug probably had something to do with Berengar's disappearance.
Ramsmeat sent his people to Saint Lebioda's Hospital. His bandits attacked me when I tried to interrogate the prisoner being kept there.
only if Geralt clears Ramsmeat:
My suspicions turned out to be false. I found proof that Ramsmeat is not the leader of Salamandra."
only if Geralt kills Ramsmeat:
The gang leader died by my hand.

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