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Ragbard, Duke of Ellander, was the first Prince Consort of the Queen of Temeria, Bienvenu La Louve. The marriage was dissolved quite shortly after it occurred — with rumors circulating that the Duke, although seemingly perky and masculine, was more interested in "men's games" and had totally failed the Queen's expectations in the bedchamber. A vulgar and libelous ballad was sung throughout Temeria ridiculing him.

And suddenly the rumors died down because the Duke started meeting with delightful Adalia, Count of Garramone's daughter. Shortly thereafter the pompous wedding took place. And half a year later, Ragbard was dead — the gossip had it he had overdosed medicaments supporting the sexual potency.[1][2]

Notes & references Edit

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  2. Dynastic descriptions - Adalia the Seer (original Polish)

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