Radovit II the Bold (Polish: Radowit II) was a king of Kaedwen after reign of Benda and before rule of Henselt. He appear only in the "Zdrada" graphic novel.

the Zdrada comic Edit

Radovit was bankrolled the functioning witcher schools of Cat and Wolf after massacre in Kaer Morhen. Due to the promptings of the representatives of druids and his court counselor, sorcerer named Astrogarus, he organized the ambush. During the tournament having allegedly comparing the skills of witchers of both schools, Astrogarus ordered Cats to kill Wolves. A moment later Radovit ordered his soldiers to kill all witchers in the arena.

Trivia Edit

  • Though he was the ruler of Kaedwen, his name is very similar to name of many Redanian kings. There is no certainty whether it was purposeful choice or just a mistake of the author.