Races: Crow's Perch is one of the racing secondary quests available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The competition is located, as the name suggests, near Crow's Perch going towards Blackbough while starting at the crossroads. Race coordinator is certain Radko, contestants include:

Journal Entry Edit

There was not much in the way of entertainment at Crow's Perch, so the baron's men were always looking for new ways to pass the time. One of thier favorites – horse racing at night and the chance for friendly (And not-so-friendly) betting that went along with it. Though the witcher had plenty of other things to occupy his time, he decided he could spare a few moments to take part in these races.
Geralt was the first to ride past the finish line – which should come as no surprise, given all the time he had spent in the saddle and the fact that, unlike all the other participants, he could see in the dark. The baron's men expressed their admiration for his equestrian prowess (Thought [sic] perhaps not in those exact words) and encouraged him to join them again some other time.

Objectives Edit

  • Get to the race's starting line.

Video Walkthrough Edit

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