The Prohibita, a list of forbidden artefacts, is taken from a larger, multi-volume work known as the Ars Magica. It is cited as one of the seminal works describing portals and teleportation.

The Witcher (PC) Edit

Geralt finds this excerpt in the Salamandra base, near the Circle of Waning Power, where he also finds the second power stone. It mentions Alvaro's Portal.

This item can not be picked up, it can only be consulted.

Contents Edit

Prohibita, list of forbidden artefacts
Ars Magica
Alvaro's Portal, named after its discoverer and found amidst the elven ruins beneath Vizima. One of the few existing stable portals, disassembled and concealed in [sic] when the mages were exiled form [sic] Vizima by King Foltest (see the Thanned[sic] Island Incident). It is said that the portal is activated with the Stone of Power.