Professor Sigismund Gloger's notes is a book in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry Edit

"Excavations to be carried out by Gottfired Oss, Michelle Sabina Ruxer and Marco Gedl, under the supervision of Professor Sigismund Gloger. We have begun excavation work under the aegis of the Oxenfurt Academy and with kind sponsorship from Prince Adrien of the Sea Cats. Our goal is to find the legendary treasure of King Maeglor of Est Tayiar.

8th of Blathe, 1st day of excavations

I am deeply worried about the witcher present among our company. I had a bad feeling about him at the very start, during the first meeting at Castle Drahim. Now, as we trek dark underground caverns, his presence gives me shivers. Are we entirely sure his task is to protect the expedition? Furthermore, Castle Drahim is too close to Oxenfurt for us not to have heard those unsettling rumors about Prince Adrien... (illegible fragment).

11th of Blathe, 3rd day of excavations

Kiyan demanded we surrender all notes found in the ruins of the elven armory. I refused.

13th of Blathe, 5th day of excavations

We pitched camp in a vast and dry cavern in the easterly portion of the complex. There are a few active portals here. I am afraid they are very likely unstable and unidirectional.

14th of Blathe, 6th day of excavations

The witcher murdered Marco! He was deciphering one of the priceless elven sketches when suddenly, as I watched on aghast, the witcher slit his throat and grabbed his incuinabulum! I panicked and jumped into one of the portals. It deposited me in some chamber which has no exit. Unless an echo of the portal appears, I am stuck here for good. I hope Michelle and Gottfried managed to escape. [remainder of the notes difficult to decipher and no dates are indicated]

I must conclude the witcher had from the very start been operating on Prince Adrien's orders. I would not be surprised if they were toasting their scheme's success at Drahim Castle at this very moment. Blast it, perhaps I should have given those elven diagrams to Kiyan after all? What good are they to me here, if I am to rot in this crypt? I have finished the last drops of my water. There is nothing to eat. No echo from the portal has appeared. Gods... I don't believe in you... But if you do in fact exist... If you exist, save me."

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