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Move the cursor over an effect icon to see more information about the effect.

Tip: Active effect icons appear in the ring around the medallion.
Image Name Effect Duration
Effect Bindweed
Bindweed Acid resistance increased by 70%. 8 h
Effect Black blood
Black Blood Monsters feeding on Geralt die immediately. 8 h
Effect Blizzard
Blizzard Dodge Efficiency increased by 50%; Parry Efficiency increased by 50%. 0.33 h
(20 min.)
Effect Cat
Cat Seeing in the dark. 8 h
Effect Devries
De Vries' Extract Advanced night vision; Ability to detect invisible beings; Ability to see through walls. 1 hr
Effect Full moon
Full Moon Maximum Vitality doubled. 8 h
Effect Golden oriole
Golden Oriole Poison resistance increased by 70%. 8 h
Effect Kiss
Kiss Resistance to Bleeding increased by 70%. 8 h
Effect Maribor forest
Maribor Forest Maximum Endurance increased by 50%. 8 h
Effect Perfume
Perfume Upon consumption — Intoxication: Attack efficiency reduced by 50%. 8 h
Effect Petris philter
Petri's Philter Sign intensity increased by 50%. 8 h
Effect Shrike
Shrike Critical effect Pain inflicted on foes wounding Geralt. 8 h
Effect Swallow
Swallow Modestly accelerates Vitality regeneration. 2 h
Effect Tawny owl
Tawny Owl Significantly accelerates Endurance regeneration. 8 h
Effect Thunderbolt
Thunderbolt Damage inflicted increased by 100%; Dodge efficiency reduced to 50%; Parry efficiency reduced to 50%. 8 h
Effect White honey
White Honey Reduces Toxicity to zero and cancels the effects of other potions. Immediate
Effect White raffards
White Raffard's Decoction Immediately restores some lost Vitality. Immediate
Effect Willow
Willow Immunity to Stun and Knockdown effects. 8 h
Effect Wives tears
Wives' Tears Neutralizes the effects of alcohol intoxication. Immediate
Effect Wolf
Wolf Chance of inflicting critical effect Precise Hit increased by 50%. 8 h
Effect Wolverine
Wolverine Increases the damage inflicted when a witcher's Vitality falls below half. 8 h

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