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Possession is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt related to the main storyline.

Journal entry Edit

Concernt filled Crach's voice. And something else... pride? The jarl had pulled Geralt aside during King Bran's wake to confess his worries about his daughter, Cerys. She has sailed to Spikeroog, seeking to cure Jarl Udalryk's mysterious affliction. A dangerous mission, though one that would certianly be less so with a witcher's help. Geralt eyed his old friend over carefully, then made his decision.
After analyzing all the evidence, Geralt came to the conclusion that Udalryk was not haunted by a ghost, as Cerys had thought, nor was he insane or touched by the gods, as many Skelligers believed. The situation was far more grave: a particularly malicious wraith, known as a hym, had latched onto the jarl. Geralt and Cerys thus faced the challenge of finding a way to free Udalryk from this evil being's power.
Cerys hit upon an idea. They would trick the hym. Geralt decided to trust her. Cerys ran off, snatched Udalryk's infant child from its cradle and ran back towards the abandoned home, with the jarl and his honor guard hot on her heels. Meanwhile Hjort, whom Cerys had informed of her plan and asked for help, slipped into the house unnoticed.
Once inside, Cerys commanded Geralt to toss the babe into a burning stove. Caught off-guard by this seemingly-mad request, Geralt nevertheless acquiesced, hoping it was all part of the plan. To his great relief, it was. The hym, thinking Geralt an infanticide, left Udalryk to latch onto this new, even more guilt-ridden victim. Yet when it was revealed the child had survived unharmed, the evil being had to depart into the ether. Cerys' trickery and the witcher's cold blood had saved Udalryk, freeing him from his torment at long last.

Objectives Edit

  • Ask Udalryk where Cerys is
  • Ask about Cerys in the village
  • Talk to Bergthora
  • Find Eiric (400Tw3 icon xp for clearing out drowners)
  • Looks for Cerys in the abandoned home using your Witcher Senses
  • Find the sword named Brokvar (400Tw3 icon xp)
  • Tell Cerys you found the sword
  • Go to Udalryk with Cerys
  • Place Brokvar near Aki's bones
  • Return to Udalryk
  • Meet Cerys in Udalryk's old home
  • Search the house and find a way to drive off the hym
  • See what Cerys has found
  • When you're ready, talk to Cerys and choose between tricking or fighting (750Tw3 icon xp either way)
  • Tricking:
    • Wait for Cerys and quickly do as she asks
    • Defeat Udalryk's warriors
  • Fighting:
    • Tell Udalryk about the hym
    • Place torches around the abandoned home (4 sconces)
    • When you're ready, talk to Udalryk
    • Light the torches
    • Fight the Hym
    • Go to the basement and kill Hym

Videos Edit

The Witcher 3 Hym Demon Boss Fight (Hard Mode)05:06

The Witcher 3 Hym Demon Boss Fight (Hard Mode)

Helping Cerys - The Witcher 3 DEATH MARCH! Part 78 - Let's Play Hard35:25

Helping Cerys - The Witcher 3 DEATH MARCH! Part 78 - Let's Play Hard

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