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The Poor Fucking Infantry, or PFI, was an infantry division consisting of conscripts and volunteers that lacked any relevant combat, riding, or archery experience. It was formed in Vizima during the war with Nilfgaard and it was there where Jarre and Melfi joined its ranks.

The PFI took part in the Battle of Brenna under the command of the voivode Bronibor. Initially held in reserve, it was assigned to stop the counter-charge of the Nilfgaardian Nauzicaa and 7th Daerlan brigades. Consisting primarily of inexperienced pike-men matched against the enemy's cavalry the PFI sustained heavy casualties in the clash, Bronibor included. It did manifest a surprising valor however and managed to hold its ground.

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The Witcher (PC)Edit

You can overhear guards saying: "I served in the PFI under General Bronibor during the Battle of Brenna" in the Temple Quarter.

A recruitment poster in the Temple Quarter has grayed-out text (presumably graffiti) saying "PFI - Poor Fucking Infantry" and "Velerad's a dickweed".

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

There is a card with its name in Northern Realms Gwent deck. It has almost the least power available (just "1") and caption reads: "I's a war veteran! ... spare me a crown?"'.

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