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Tw3 map pontar region

Map from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the Pontar refers to lands that cover the region of the Pontar Delta. The world map consists of Velen, the independent city of Novigrad and southern parts of Redania, including the city of Oxenfurt and Estate (like Garin Estate). The game's rendition of the region excludes some locations from the Witcher saga, namely Acorn Bay, Crane Islet, the city of Foam, and the settlement of White Bridge (originally intended to appear). Although the in-game map labels two major regions as "Velen and Novigrad", both are contained on the same map in addition to portions of southern Redania. Its actually a super region consisting of these three.

Novigrad Edit

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  • The Bits
  • Farcorners
  • Fish Market
  • Gildorf
  • Harborside
  • Lacehalls
  • Putrid Grove
  • Silverton
  • Temple Isle

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Barony of Velen Edit

The former Temerian province of Velen (also known as No Man's Land) - currently under Nilfgaardian occupation - also constitutes the largest part of the Pontar region. Situated south of Novigrad and west of Oxenfurt, its provisional capital is Crow's Perch. The prevailing terrain consists of forests and swamps.

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East of both Velen and Novigrad's outskirts lie lands and settlements under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Redania.

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