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Pomp and Strange Circumstance is a quest in the Blood and Wine Expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry Edit

  • Coming soon!

Walkthrough Edit

This quest represents two out of three possible endings for Blood and Wine Expansion.

To see the third ending, visit Burlap Is the New Stripe.

"Good" ending Edit

Witcher convinces Syanna to forgive her sister and everyone lives happily ever after...

To trigger the ending you must:

  • Go after Syanna during The Night of Long Fangs or Blood Simple.
  • Read every entry in governess' journal which can be found in the playroom during Beyond Hill and Dale.
  • Retrieve Syanna's ribbon in the Fablesphere from flint seller during Beyond Hill and Dale.
  • Agree to listen Syanna's story while finding the magic beans during Beyond Hill and Dale.
  • Decide to investigate the fifth victim during Pomp and Strange Circumstance.
  • Before the trial, speak with Syanna and choose encourage her to forgive Anarietta. Correct answers in order:
    1. Cause she turned her back on you, forgot about you.
    2. Ever thought to forgive her?

"Tragic" ending Edit

Syanna kills Anarietta during the trial. Though Damien managed to put a crossbow bolt through the older sister's neck, the damage the duchess suffered was fatal. Both sisters die in this ending, but you still get your reward.

This ending is triggered if you either:

  • Opt to go for the Unseen Elder route in Night of the Long Fangs and don't bring Syanna to meet Dettlaff
  • You retrieve Syanna's ribbon, but you don't listen to her story and don't convince her to forgive her sister.

Regis' fate Edit

Regis has to flee Toussaint for a very long time. He's probably going to venture south, to Nilfgaard.
Significant plot details end here.

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