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Pinastri was a herbalist and a member of the Flagellants at her home, Pinastri's Hermitage, where she sold alchemical ingredients, but didn't actually have any novigradian crowns. She is not marked on the map.

Biography Edit

She grew up in a poor village with Marcello Clerici, who was in love with her. Seeing her always feeling down, Marcello concluded that it must be because they were always poor, so he decided to move to Beauclair, taking her with him in hopes that would make her happy. However, it turned out that peasants and nobles are no different and it failed to improve Pinastri's mood and so she went and joined a group of self-floggers, feeling that would help her. She couldn't put up with the brutality for long though, and soon left them to become a herbalist and made a solitary home for herself in Toussaint's countryside.

At one point she had a falling out with Marcello, who had entered a tournament in hopes of winning to prove his love for Pinastri. However, his horse Blaze bucked him off and in his rage over losing, Marcello flogged Blaze to death, causing Pinastri to hate him. Her anger over his actions are to the point that, if Geralt and Roach didn't forgive the spirit and later tell Pinastri that the only way to stop the nightmares was for her to forgive Marcello, she will refuse, saying she'd rather continue dealing with the torment than to forgive him for what he did.

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