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Scrolls generic icon red Petri's Philter formula

Petri's Philter: augments the intensity of all Signs.

This scroll contains the formula for Petri's Philter, a potion which augments the intensity of all Signs.

Journal entries Edit

Formula: Petri's Philter

Price Edit

Buy Sell

100 Items Oren

20 Items Oren

Location Edit

  • Received from the Gravedigger at the same time as the key to the cemetery gate (Chapter II)
  • A crate (or trunk) in the Fisstech lab in the Salamandra hideout in the sewers (Chapter III)
  • Received from chief chemist in the Fisstech lab in the Salamandra hideout in the sewers if you entered with password (Chapter III)
  • The Hermit in the Fields sells it for 500 Items Oren (Chapter IV)
  • Kalkstein sells it in Old Vizima (Chapter V)

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