Payback is one of the quests available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry Edit

Cities like Novigrad have their own, special magic. They attract folk from all corners of the world, becoming delicious stews of diverse flavors, giant circuses filled with colorful characters just waiting to extend a helping hand - or swing a sharp elbow. Ciri had experienced the fullness of this during her stay in Novigrad, so when she found herself back in the city she decided to repay a few debts - and settle a few scores...
If Geralt had killed Whoreson Junior:
First name on her list - Whoreson Junior. Though Geralt swore he had killed Whoreson with his own hands, rumor had it the mafioso was alive and well. Geralt and Ciri thus decided to pay him a surprise visit. They discovered Dudu had turned Whoreson's death into a prime business opportunity. He took on the underworld boss' form, and then took over his criminal organization, transforming it into a legal, and more profitable than ever, enterprise.
The next debt Ciri had to repay was with a young woman named Bea. She took an immediate liking to our friend the witcher, and he in turn was not left indifferent by her considerable charms. Ah, had they but world enough and time... But they hadn't, so Ciri and Geralt moved on to an itinerant circus troupe's camp outside Novigrad.
It was here that Valdo and his comrades had taken Ciri in when she had no place to stay and not a copper to her name. She was welcomed no less warmly upon her return. Valdo proposed she and Geralt stay for some friendly horseracing and a pleasant evening of drink and dance around the fire. Geralt knew they both could use a moment to catch their breath and accepted the invitation.
Our friends were eating, drinking and delighting in the joyful atmosphere of the circus performers' camp when a certain Aegar came to them and asked for help. He needed to steal some horses from a Novigrad merchant. Geralt let Ciri convince him to participate in the heist. And he didn't regret it. What a rollicking adventure they had! First the tense thrills of sneaking into the stables, then the mad joy of galloping off, the wind in their hair. A spark of happiness flashed in Ciri's eyes, the first in a long, long while. This was the best reward the witcher had ever received.

Objectives Edit

  • Wait for daylight.
  • Meet Ciri at the Gildorf market square.
  • Go with Ciri to see Whoreson Junior.
  • Follow Ciri into Whoreson Junior's hideout.
  • Follow Ciri.
  • Talk to Valdo.
  • Take part in the race.
  • Meet Ciri and Aegar near the Novigrad stables.
  • Sneak into the stables.
  • Find a way to open the stable doors from the inside using your Witcher Senses.
  • Calm the horses with the Axii Sign (3 horses).

Notes Edit

  • An additional 40 Tw3 icon xp can be obtained by using Axii on Whoreson Junior's guards.
  • You can spare yourself the fistfight with the guard in the stable and having to calm the horses by using the ladder right at your feet after climbing in instead of just dropping from the platform.