Journal entry Edit

[journal is covered in blood, heavily damaged, only last page can be made out]
My wanderings for the Fire's glory next took me to preach to Brunwich, the village curled 'round the lake. And lo and behold, what did the Most Holy Flames illuminate for me there? A hive of hardened heathens, too lost in sin to lift a cursed finger to care for the hearth of the Eternal Fire! Filled with divine wrath, I ask them, "Why's your chapel in such a sorry state?! Why's your cemetery all covered in weeds?!" Their response? "Ghosts! Curses fallen upon hallowed ground." They blame it on the ealdorman's wife, say she went mad from riches and... [illegible fragment] ... and ever since that tragedy, chapel's lain in ruins, with no one daring to go near. So the task falls on me to guide these foolish lost sheep back on the righteous path and away from the rubbish they believe. I intend to enter the chapel alone, armed only with the torch of the Eternal Fire to light my path, and see just what lurks within...

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