The revolt in Oxenfurt started at the Oxenfurt Academy and quickly spread through the entire city. It took place in 1242 when a group of students begun staging protests in an effort to establish a democratic republic in Redania.


The movement's activities halted the university's work and so were not approved by the dean and lecturers. Nevertheless, it found ally in local commoners and grew from protests to revolt.[1]

The protesters grew bolder and more brutal each day, to the point when surgeons led by Joachim von Gratz were slicing all those who rejected revolutionary ideas. Hubert Rejk, one of Joachim's teachers, opposed him and was responsible for his imprisonment.[2] Other events, like the revelation of one of the founders' dark family secret or a scandal involving the rebels, caused the folk to stop supporting the uprising.[1]


After losing backup, the uprising was quickly brought to an end. Its leaders were thrown into the Tretogor dungeons and tortured for more than twenty years.[2]

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