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The Oxenfurt revolution was a bloody uprising in Redania around year 1242 during the reign of king Vizimir II known as the Just. The movement was initially lead by students from the academy of Oxenfurt who were later joined by townfolks. This large group fought against the absolute power of the monarchy and intended to establish a democratic republic, using the slogan Liberty, Equality, Fraternity while murdering monarchist and innocents.

One of revolutionary leaders was Joachim von Gratz who led surgers in name of republic. His men were brutal and hardest to calm down. He survived and later became a professor of medecin at the academy. The leaders were later discredited (partly because of a scandal related to one of them) and the royal corps were sent to crush the resistance. After several brutal fights, the movement stopped, the idea was abandonned and the city went back to normal as if nothing had ever happened.[1][2][3]

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