The outro is the final cut scene of The Witcher (PC). It is very dramatic and leaves many unanswered questions. Questions which will hopefully be answered in an upcoming sequel. Both the intro and outro were directed by Tomasz Bagiński.

Summary Edit

In the cinematic end sequence, King Foltest is attacked by a masked assassin, and is defended by Geralt. This assassin is very skilled and fights using two swords. The battle is pitched and the outcome does not seem at all certain, but at the last moment, Geralt throws his recently acquired coin purse at the villain. This ploy startles the assailant sufficiently to allow the witcher an unparried blow, which he lands with aplomb, severing one of the attacker's arms.

In the aftermath, both Geralt and King Foltest take a closer look at the villain's face which has now been unmasked. Inexplicably, the man appears to have the same eye mutation as Geralt, as well as potion straps on his armor... to be continued...

The Witcher: Outro Edit

The Witcher ending

The Witcher ending