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Lady Orianna was a Higher Vampire[1] living in Toussaint, first introduced in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Blood and Wine expansion Edit

Orianna appeared to be very wealthy, she owned an orphanage and an estate, where she hosted lavish parties for artists, one of which Geralt and Anna Henrietta attended in the quest, The Man from Cintra. Orianna also appeared to be acquainted with Dettlaff and Regis, where she stated the latter as her friend from the past. If Geralt chose to seek the Unseen Elder, the witcher consulted Orianna on how to find him as you accompanied her to the orphanage.

Journal entry Edit

During the soiree organized by the Mandragora, Geralt met Orianna, a valued patroness to many local artists. There was something about this woman that made most who met her feel somehow ill at ease. She could not break the witcher's iron-hard self-composure, of course, but she did give him the impression she was no normal aristocrat – and his impressions were usually spot-on.
Regis' charismatic friend was revealed to be a fellow vampire, though nowhere near as civilized and humanitarian as he. She owned an orphanage outside the city which, as the witcher discovered to his horror, she used as a sort of blood cellar, visiting it whenever the urge struck her to drink some blood straight from an orphan's neck. Geralt swore that if they ever met again…

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A Night to Remember Edit

Tw3 A Night to Rembember bruxa human form

Orianna in A Night to Remember.

Seemingly a few years past, as Geralt promised when leaving Orianna's orphanage, he came back for her.[1] Geralt approaches and remarks on remembering the tune he last heard from the orphanage Orianne hummed. He notes that the locals paid him for her, she remarks that in times past witchers would never take such a contract. She then throws off her clothes transforming into her invisible form and unnaturally quickly disappears in the nearby barn. 

Geralt drinks a bottle of Black Blood. Entering the barn, he throws a Moon Dust bomb which partially reveals Orianna in her invisible form. A duel ensues which resulted in Orianna gaining the upper hand, biting Geralt at his neck. Although she doesn't realise the Black Blood potion effects until it was too late, giving Geralt the opportunity to win and she quickly loses the fight. Losing her left arm, she tries to escape but a shot from Geralt's crossbow at her back seals the deal. 

Geralt follows up by preparing his hook for a trophy but collapses alongside her from his injuries, seeing her last tear and agony. When Geralt wakes, he leaves her disintegrating body without taking the trophy and rides on his faithful Roach away in a hurry towards Beauclair.

Orianna appears as a Bruxa in this trailer, although she is confirmed as a Higher Vampire.

Trivia Edit

  • She was played by Zsuzsanna Rácz in the trailer and voiced by Laura Doddington in both the trailer and the game. Rácz stated on her personal Twitter that it is "one of her best works".[2]
  • Although she is confirmed to be a Higher Vampire,[1] due to her appearance as a Bruxa in the cinematic trailer, "A Night to Remember," many fans are divided over whether or not she's a Bruxa or another type of higher vampire.

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