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Places Mine near KM

The old mine is situated in Kaer Morhen valley. It is where Geralt must go to find Eskel in "The Price of Neutrality" to discuss Eskel's Unexpected Child, Deidre. The place is home to a kikimore hatchery and is infested with newly hatched (and hatching!) kikimores. It is also home to one or more basilisks, depending which entrance you choose.

The way there is also fraught with echinopsae, if the wolves do not get you first.

Journal Entry Edit

"The mine near Kaer Morhen is at least as old as the fortress. Once a rich source of iron ore, it is now deserted, mining having ceased long ago. Its abandoned tunnels have fallen into ruin, and the witchers venture there solely to gather sewant mushrooms. When the witchers return from their Paths each autumn, they must exterminate the monsters that make their lair in the mine while the beast-slayers are away."

Herbs Edit

Map Edit

Notes Edit

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