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Old manor house TW1 art

Concept art

The old manor was built long ago on a small island off the swamp cemetery and served as the seat of Temeria's rulers until Princess Adda, the daughter of King Foltest and his sister, died at birth only to return as a bloodthirsty striga. The king did not want to kill his own offspring, so he and his court moved to the newly built castle at the other end of town. The princess was later freed from the curse, but the manor remained vacant and deteriorated over time.

"I have to say that the striga, in the meantime, was getting her teeth into all sorts of people every now and again and paying no attention to the fraudsters and their spells. Or that Foltest was no longer living in the palace. No-one lived there anymore."
— pg(s). 9, The Last Wish (UK edition)

Places Edit

In the graphic novels Edit

The old castle of Temerian kings appeared twice on the pages of comic. First time in "Geralt", based on The Witcher short story, illustrated by Bogusław Polch and than is also shown with second issue of "The Witcher: Curse of Crows" when Geralt retells Ciri backstory of his first striga contract.

The Witcher (PC) Edit

Places Old Manor house

The Old Manor house is not actually accessible during the game. Geralt only ever goes into the catacombs beneath it in his quest to hunt down and kill Azar Javed. The manse is situated on the highest point of the small island which has appropriated its name. It is surrounded by a once formidable, but now decaying palisade which overlooks the ruins of a village.

The views from the once grand estate must have been spectacular.

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Notes & references Edit

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