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The old brickmaker is an interesting fellow Geralt meets in the village in the swamp.

The Witcher (PC) Edit

It seems that a brick fell on his head when he was a child and he is just never been the same since. He can provide some information about the swamp though... Ba ba ba...

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

In Witcher 3 you can find him in one of the villages in Velen, although he doesn't have any sidequests nor does he offer a dialogue option, he is heard reminiscing about brickwork near Vizima. He most likely fled from Vizima after it was taken by the Nilfgaardian army.

Videos Edit

The Witcher 3- Wild Hunt - Old Brickmaker Returns!00:17

The Witcher 3- Wild Hunt - Old Brickmaker Returns!

Gallery Edit