Ofir or Ofier is a land lying to the south of Nilfgaardian Empire along with Zangvebar and half-mythical lands of Hann and Barsa.[1] Not much is known about the Ofiri in the North as contact is rare. It's know though that they have very different fauna, like zebras.[2]

According to Dulla kh'Amanni, Ofir is a set of empires, kingdoms, and tribes with many diverse polities and people. It's a land of vast steppes, large mountains, crystal clear lakes and untouched wildernesses. For example, Dulla's home city would, according to him, make City of Golden Towers seem dull in comparison. This city is an enclave of mages, doctors, mathematicians, and philosophers.[3]

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Mostly of Ofir's economy is based on the exportation of their very refined and sought after goods: merchants from Ofir travel to the Northern Kingdoms and Nilfgaard and trade their merchandise, despite the length and toil of the trip. Ofiri trade valuable products such as decorated weapons, precious jewels and clothes, vases, carpets, and spices. They also started introducing formerly unknown professions like sword enchanting.


They often cover their heads with turbans or with chaperones. High-rank soldiers usually wear pointed golden helmets and are equipped with rounded shields, spears and sabers.

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According to their local myths, there was once a time when love brought together the skies and steppes and from their union was born the first mare. Yet people were still very weak and fell prey to countless dangers, but the mare saved them, feeding with her own milk, making them grow strong until they were able to saddle her. They then became skilled warriors, winning over all their foes and why the Ofiri respect horses, the noblest among all beasts in their culture.

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  • Ofier is based on few different middle-eastern cultures.[4] Notably Persian and Arabic. By the dialog with the runewright it shows resemblance to Jewish mystics (Kabbalah): arranging of words and the power of letters, a belief in a single God and a written record of the world creation. As well as some greetings such as blessing the guest.
  • Ofir is the land mentioned in Bible, from which King Solomon received a cargo of gold every three years. it is identified by researchers as either present day Yemen, the Afar region in East Africa, Rajasthan India or a legendary mythical place.

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