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Ofir (or Ofier[1]) is a rich and, for Nordlings, mysterious realm, described in books by Borch Three Jackdaws,[2] along with other far lands like Zanguebar, Barsa, and Hannu, as being "across the seas" and having very different fauna, like white horses with black stripes.[3]

Ofier is based on few different middle-eastern cultures.[4] Judging by their armors and weapons one can easily deduce that Ofier is loosely based on the Ottomans. Since the helmets they wear strongly resemble an Ottoman Chichak, and Kilij is an Ottoman Turkish word for sword.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

"In risk, there is honor."
— Ofieri proverb

The human inhabitants of Ofier, known as Ofieri, feature in both the Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine expansions for The Witcher 3.[5]

Known Ofieri Edit

Hearts of Stone Expansion Edit

After Geralt killed the toad, it turned out that it was an Ofieri prince. Geralt was soon captured by Ofieri for the murder of their prince. They swore to bring the prince back to his homeland, and since they failed, they decided to bring his murderer to justice. While transporting both Geralt and their guide to face their king's justice, the witcher makes a pact with Gaunter, who summons a storm that shipwrecks them. As the guide had drowned, the Ofieri cut off his head and began to drag Geralt. However, the witcher regained consciousness and fought his way to freedom in seconds.

An Ofieri called Dulla kh'Amanni and runewright are established near the village of Brunwich. When Geralt first meets them, he sees that they are very philosophically oriented and that they see the world and its creations as wonder.

Aside from new characters, the expansion also brings many types of Ofieri swords and armor to the game. Geralt can find a diagram for an armor set that. After retrieving all of the diagrams, the apprentice will give Geralt a translated copy of them. If the witcher gets complete set, achievement "I Wore Ofieri Before It Was Cool" is received.

Blood and Wine Expansion Edit

During a main story mission "The Man from Cintra" in second add-on there is chance to see master illusionist from Ofier known as Great Kalesti. Another character from this land in Toussaint is merchant Hamal who plays Gwent.

Notes & references Edit

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