Novigrad Hospitality is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry Edit

On the high road outside Novigrad Geralt came across a merry band of troubadours who invited him to join them around the campfire and partake of tasty beverages. The witcher naturally never turns down such propositions and so gladly took them up on it.
When he awoke the next morning, he discovered he had been robbed of all his possessions and the troubadours had vanished without a trace. Furious, he set off on the thieves' trail.
Tracking down the bards posed no difficulty. Geralt quickly caught up with them and recovered his things. Had I been in his shoes, I'd undoubtedly have broken their lutes as well, for there is no place for such as they in the noble world of itinerant musicians.