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Tw nilfgaardian-armor-dlc

Nilfgaardian Armor set is the 5th of 16 free DLCs for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that was released on June 3, 2015. The DLC adds four armor items equippable from level 10 or above which can be bought from the quartermaster at Crow's Perch.

The set also includes 3 pieces for Roach: blinders, a saddle, and saddlebags.

Image Name Stats Weight Base price
Tw3 nilfgaardian armor
Nilfgaardian Armor Armor Rating: 80 6.01 250 Oren3
Tw3 nilfgaardian trousers
Nilfgaardian Trousers Armor Rating: 27 2.51 27 Oren3
Tw3 nilfgaardian boots
Nilfgaardian Boots Armor Rating: 27 2.51 358 Oren3
Tw3 nilfgaardian gauntlets
Nilfgaardian Gauntlets Armor Rating: 23 2.51 194 Oren3
Tw3 horse blinders nilfgaardian
Nilfgaardian horse blinders Fear level: 40 0.01 125
Tw3 saddle nilfgaardian
Nilfgaardian saddle Stamina: 50 6.01 250
Tw3 saddlebags nilfgaardian
Nilfgaardian saddlebags Inventory weight: 70 0.51 175

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