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The city of Nilfgaard, known as the City of Golden Towers, is the capital to both the region and empire that grew to conquer all foreign lands south of the Yaruga. The city itself is located on the river Alba,in the core of the Empire. People of the area tend to consider the term Nilfgaardian as defined only by the inhabitants of the capital and surrounding lands and certainly not by the inhabitants of the "lesser" areas. Port city of Baccalá is located somewhere near the capitol

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Trivia Edit

  • Origins of the city's name are unclear. "Nilf" seems to be corrupted version of Icelandic "nifl" (fog, darkness, mist; like in "Niflheim"), while "gaard" could be either Dutch "gaard" (yard, garden) or Old Norse "garðr" (yard, enclosure).

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