A Nidhogg (Níðhöggr, i.e. Malice Striker) is a creature from Norse mythology, a dragon who gnaws at a root of the world tree. It first appeared in The Witcher: Adventure Game as an horrific opponent.

The Witcher: Adventure Game Edit

TWAG monster card Nidhogg

A Nidhogg can cross your path in "The Witcher Adventure Game". This creature is very hard to defeat and one of the strongest opponents in the game (level: Gold).

To defeat it you need:

  • Sword:5
  • Shield:4

Successful Sword: Receive 3 VP. Failed Shield: Suffer 1 Heart for each shield you are short.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt cut content Edit

Nidhogg was supposed to appear in the third game but was removed during its development in 2013 - 2014. We wouldn't have known about it if it weren't for leaked materials.[1]

Information from leaked materials Edit

A small dragon living on Skellige.

  • Role in the group: Individual
  • Preferred behavior: aggressive - chases the opponent and attacks.
  • Special attacks and actions:
    • Fast attacks - when in close range, attacks with fast paced strikes, dealing medium damage.
    • Tail attack - applies knockdown effect.
    • Aerial bash - the creature flies into air dives down. If player dodges, the attack is aimed at ground and spawns sparks (Nidhogg's claws hit the ground). Sparks can ignite oil placed on Nidhogg's arena, making the fight more difficult.
    • Health regeneration - Nidhogg is a lizard and regenerates health over time.
    • Jump attack - Nidhogg can perform a very fast jump attack in which it jumps to it's victim, bites it and jumps back. Geralt can use Quen to protect himself from damage.
  • Defence:
    • Flying - Nidhogg can start flying, player cannot hit him in melee combat. Can be hit with bombs, daggers and signs.
  • Vital points:
  • Instant kill
    • Cutting the spinal cord - this vital spot is enabled after destroying the Corneus collar.
  • Protection:
    • Corneus collar - it protects the Spinal cord vital spot (cost 4 points).
  • Critical effect/disable ability:
    • Cripple wing - disables the Flying defense and Aerial bash attack (cost 2 points).
    • Cripple both wings - disables the Jump attack (cost 2 points per wing).
    • Cripple tail - disables the Tail attack (cost 1 points).
    • Piercing Coagulation gland - disables the health regeneration ability (cost 1 point).
  • Massive damage:
    • Crippling wings - each wing deals additional damage when crippled (cost 2 points per wing).
  • Immune to: Steel, all witcher's signs, fire
  • Vulnerable to: Silver

Notes Edit

  • Geralt was to be imprisoned by Yennefer on a small Skellige island called the Isle of Trials. Either you could escape by taking the eponymous trials of the island, or you could face off against a monster called Nidhogg. Neither this additional story part/quest nor the monster or even the isle has made it into the final game.[2]

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References Edit

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