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  • TheBlueRogue

    Wikia and CD Projekt RED are partnering together at PAX Prime 2015 for a variety of The Witcher themed events! Attendees this year can take part in the frantic Scavenger Hunt, or test their knowledge of The Witcher series in Pop-Qwiz events. Participants of these events have the chance to win prizes!

    In what turned out to be an amazingly close competition, four of our competitors finished the Hunt, scoring a perfect 200,000 points! That meant that we had to decide between them based upon the time taken to complete the missions. We checked and double-checked — and in the end, Commander_Mann was our fastest finisher, followed swiftly by Spirit_Ray and Firefly_877.

    Thanks to everyone who helped make this a fabulously fun Scavenger Hunt!

    The Witcher Scavenger Hunt will lead participants all across the PAX Prime to score points. Participants gain points by taking pictures of challenges and uploading them to Twitter or Instagram to score points. Check out the Scavenger Hunt page for a full list of m…

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  • TheBlueRogue

    CD Projekt RED recently released an exciting new gameplay video of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The 15 minute clip of footage features a variety of short vignettes centered around Geralt of Rivia's adventures. Scenes include hunting a deadly Griffin, taking contracts, meeting with Emhyr var Emreis, and much more.

    Watch the video and read more about new gameplay additions. Also be sure to check out the new list of released screenshots that were accompanied with the video.

    The game will be centered around the island of Skellige, an archipelago and one of the Northern Kingdoms. The group of six islands is situated in the North Sea, off the coast of Cidaris and Verden, and northwest of Cintra.

    While Geralt is on horseback, he is able to draw his blade and preform mounted combat.

    With the new emphasis on the open world, Geralt can choose to fast travel to different locations by interacting with major sign posts.

    At one point, we see a large view of the in-game map of the Skellige region. Chec…

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  • Raylan13

    New Playable Character

    December 6, 2014 by Raylan13

    Just in from The Game Awards, CD Projekt RED announced that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will have a new playable character. While focusing on titular character Geralt of Rivia, the trailer below supposedly hints who this new character may be.

    Most of the characters remain unnamed, but Ciri is mentioned by name, described as having Elder Blood and being hunted. She could, however, just be a story focus, and so there are other unnamed characters to consider. There's the poor soul at the beginning, two women shown (Ciri and maybe Yennefer?) and another unidentified man standing with Geralt near the end.

    What's your take? Any guesses?

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  • Knakveey

    Howdy Witcher Fans,

    In a press release today, CD Projekt RED announced that they will be attaching free DLC to the game that will be available upon release. To quote the press release;

    The FREE DLC program for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt consists of 16 entirely free DLCs, that will be available for every gamer owning a copy of Wild Hunt, for Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, PC, and PlayStation®4, and is applicable to all versions (digital or physical, standard or Collector’s).

    On February 25th CD PROJEKT RED will release the first bundle of DLCs (2 of the planned 16) -- the Temerian Armor Set (horse armor included) and a Beard and Hairstyle Set for Geralt, the game’s protagonist. After this date, a DLC bundle consisting of two DLCs will be published every week, entirely for free. Gamers are entitled to the free DLC regardless of obtaining the game via pre-order or after launch. Instructions on how to obtain DLCs on specific platforms will be provided a…

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  • TheBlueRogue

    Hey Witcher Wikians

    We have an exciting opportunity to interview members of the CD Projekt RED visual effects team! Earlier this week, the studio released the opening cinematic for the upcoming game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The trailer features Geralt of Rivia and his mentor Vesemir as they pursue Geralt’s long lost love, the immensely powerful sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg.

    Do you have a question about how the latest trailer was created? What to learn more about the visual elements of the trailer? Curious about their development techniques? Leave a comment on this blog and we'll rely the questions to their team!

    Be sure to check back in next week to read all of the answers!

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  • TheBlueRogue
    • UPDATE*

    Greetings Everyone,

    We've finished the fannotation trailer. Check it out below!

    The exciting opening cinematic of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been released today! The action packed trailer shows Geralt of Rivia and his mentor Vesemir as they pursue Geralt's long lost love, the immensely powerful sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg. We thought this cinematic was the perfect opportunity to create a Fannotation video!

    What is a fannotation video you ask? It is "pop-up" style annotation of a trailer with expert knowledge pulled right from the Wikia community. We've created quite a few, and they're a great way to inform players of all the small details. You can check an example of a Fannotation trailer HERE.

    -Have some inside knowledge to share about the game, characters, or lore that's showcased in this video? Help us fannotate by leaving time stamps and facts or trivia in the comments below. Then come back next week when we post the final video where we'll show off your expertise!-

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  • TheBlueRogue

    The Witcher Wikia is looking for helpful users to help edit articles and draft up new content. The next game in the series,The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, releases in February, 2015. We are looking for helpful users to help add new content and information about this game prior to it's launch. Afterwards release .we'll need plenty of help to create content pages for the game.

    For knowledge Witcher fans and editors out there, please help improve the wiki by tending to these tasks. I will be active around this wiki in the next few months so don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

    A list of general to-dos on the wiki include:

    • Content pages related to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    • Categorization cleanup for existing pages
    • New images for major and minor characters where applicable
    • General article cleanups, with standardized image places and section names
    • Creation of character/item/location infoboxes

    To any knowledgable users and helpful editors, we are currently on the search for active admins …

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  • Raylan13

    E3 Live Discussion

    June 9, 2014 by Raylan13

    E3 is finally here! All week long we'll be covering the gaming world, and each night at 4:00 pm PST we'll be shooting some video featuring those of us that were lucky enough to attend, as well as some hard working Wikians.

    We'd like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation for gaming fans to let us know what they want to hear discussed. Is it a particular developer's panel? A new game? Updates for an existing, beloved game? Maybe you hoped to hear about another game entirely! Whatever the topic, go ahead and let us know what interests you the most, and we'll make sure to include it in our list of topics from other communities.

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  • Game widow

    ...And as expected, CD Projekt RED has officially announced The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for sometime in 2014 for PC's as well as all other "high-end platforms". The new game will take place in an open world, similar but larger than the one in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and will feature further confrontations with the Wild Hunt.

    • Teaser
    • Gamespot article
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  • Game widow

    Embedded in the teaser video for Cyberpunk video is a secret message with a cryptic reference which would appear to be about The Witcher. CD Projekt suggest that we "can probably guess the game [they]'re talking about". Is it The Witcher 3 ? If so, stay tuned for an announcement on February 5th, 2013.

    • Shack News article
    • Link to teaser video
    • Screen capture of the message
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  • Secondchildren

    Patch 2.1 is out

    November 25, 2011 by Secondchildren

    On November 21st, CD Projekt RED announced the release of a new patch 2.1 for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, available as an automatic download from the launcher of the game. Remember to register your game or login if you already have and existing account. This patch adds a few small changes in the command configuration and the camera FOV as well.

    So far some users have reported issues with installing or running the game after this patch. Some possible suggestions to solve the problems:

    * Make sure you have updated Microsoft NETFramework 4.0 to the latest version, or download it manually. Reboot the PC.
    * Download patch 2.1 manually from the Official Site. Right-click on it and the "run as administrator" (Vista and Win7). With Windows XP, make sure you have administrator privileges. Check also you have all the latest updates for Windows, or download them from website.
    * If this error message appears:
    The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)
    The problem seem…
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  • Secondchildren

    CD Projekt RED has just announced the partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, to bring The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings on Xbox 360 to North America.

    Release of the game is expected to be in Q1 2012.

    Here's an excerpt from the press article:

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and CD Projekt RED, developers of the blockbuster Witcher franchise of video games, announced a distribution agreement for the upcoming Xbox 360 release of “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings” in North America.
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will distribute “The Witcher 2” on Xbox 360, contributing sales and marketing resources.
    The console version of “The Witcher 2” is an adaptation of the hit RPG fantasy game on PC.
    “We have added significant enhancements to the Xbox 360 version of ‘The Witcher 2,’ going far beyond simply editing the code to run on a new platform. Thanks to one of the world's newest game engines, the RED Engine, it will be one of the best-looking games ever released on Xbo…
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  • Secondchildren

    CDP RED has just announced the date of the conference in a newsletter: the Fall Conference is going to be on Sept 22nd at 4:00 pm GMT (6:00 pm in Warsaw) - live on Ustream.

    The conference will be shared with announcing some news and developments for the future.

    As scheduled, CDP RED will talk about:

    • PC Version 2.0 - coming on Sept 29th
    • Dark Mode and Arena - both included in patch 2.0
    • Upcoming Xbox 360 version

    you can watch the live video on: Ustream, and Facebook.

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  • Game widow

    New Vietnamese Witcher Wiki

    September 14, 2011 by Game widow

    We have a new Witcher wiki joining the fold. A big welcome to IdeaWelton and Vp1001 who have created a Vietnamese Witcher wiki, "Thewitcher Wiki"! So any of you native Vietnamese out there can give them a hand making the Vietnamese wiki all it can be!

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  • -cAnn-

    The Witcher 2 Version 2.0

    August 18, 2011 by -cAnn-

    New Version includes:

    • An Arena.
    • A new Mode called Dark Mode which features new Items and a new Difficulty.
    • It is free.
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  • JPulowski

    On August 10 2011 hotfix 1.35 for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has been released. More information is available on official website.

    We have just released a Hotfix addressing certain issues that might have been caused by the Patch 1.3. Major problems addressed by this hotfix include: shadows not being displayed correctly in 3D Vision and Steam achievements not being registered. Full list of changes and more information about the hotfix itself can be found here.

    Here is the full list of changes:

    1. Issue with shadows in 3D Vision mode has been resolved.
    2. Screenshots to savegames made in 3D Vision are now visible in load menu.
    3. Issue with Steam achievements not being registered has been resolved.
    4. Blood texture glitches in game with ubersampling option turned on have been fixed.
    5. Pocket item counter is properly updated after picking up an item which is already selected.
    6. Issue with ingredient counter when brewing multiple Thunderbolt potions has been resolved.
    7. Finished “Scent of incense”, Act 1 quest…
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  • Ausir

    Today, CD Projekt's Adam Kiciński has announced that The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, originally announced for the Xbox 360 console with a November 2011 date, has been moved back to 2012.

    ”We have decided not to withhold information and to tell our fans immediately of the Xbox 360 launch moving to Q1 2012. As we have stated many times before, The Witcher 2 for Xbox 360 will be an adaptation and not regular port. The extra time will allow us to polish the title to perfection, so that the game offers an ideally balanced, fantastic experience to gamers. As the launch of the game approaches, we will be sharing more details how it will be released on Xbox 360. I trust that despite the release date shift, players will be satisfied with what we are planning for them.”

    i Too bad for console players. There's also no info about the PS3 version yet. I wonder if the delay has anything to do with the Namco lawsuit...

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  • Game widow

    We have a new Witcher wiki joining the fold. A big welcome to Himmelstoss who has taken over the Swedish Witcher wiki, "Häxkarlen Wiki"! So any of you native Swedes out there can give him a hand making the Swedish wiki all it can be!

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  • Game widow

    Priceless lines

    July 24, 2011 by Game widow

    I've gotten quite a few belly laughs out of some of the lines in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, so I thought I'd try to suss out what everyone else found the funniest. I'll start off the list, but please add to it!

    My absolute all-time favourite line in the game is uttered by Skalen Burdon as Philippa Eilhart is administering the antidote to Saskia. He says "My favorite type of magic — Lesbomancy." A close second is Geralt's reaction if Dandelion actually goes into the succubus' lair: "Fucking idiot actually went in!"

    So what's your favourite line?

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  • JPulowski

    On July 20 2011, the third patch for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has been released. For more information, please visit official web page.

    The long-awaited patch 1.3 is finally here. We apologize it took so long, but we had to make sure that all of the issues were addressed accordingly. The update includes a plethora of fan-requested improvements, including difficulty adjustments for the game’s Prologue, support for a variety of aspect ratios and a host of other gameplay tweaks and fixes. Next to the long list of changes, this update also brings along free DLC - a quest called “A Sackful of Fluff”. Steam patch will become available at later time.
    NOTE: Please keep in mind that all of the fan-made modifications are incompatible with the newest update. Make sure to uninstall them to avoid in-game issues. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    1. New FREE DLC – “A Sackful of Fluff” is a new quest in Chapter 2 of the game. To start the quest, visit the eccentric Elthon, who inhabits a solitary …
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  • JPulowski

    On July 8 2011 CDProjekt has released the recent change-log for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Patch 1.3. Currently there is no information about release date.

    Patch 1.3 is not quite here yet, but we would like to show you an early changelog with the fixes and amendments that will be implemented in the nearest update. There is still no ETA on its release so please bear with us and stay tuned for more information. You can read the changelog here.
    1. New FREE DLC – “A Sackful of Fluff” is a new quest in Chapter 2 of the game. To start the quest, visit the eccentric Elthon, who inhabits a solitary hut near the quarry outside Vergen. The quest will prove most rewarding to those who demonstrate patience.
    2. Game now supports 4:3, 5:4, 16:10 aspect ratios.
    3. Item storage has been added. Players can now store items from their Inventory at inns. To leave items in storage or collect previously stored items, talk to innkeepers.
    4. A "Junk" panel has been added to Inventory to provide greater clarity in item …
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  • Ausir

    According to Dark Side of Gaming, CD Projekt has been sued by Namco BANDAI, the international distributor of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Namco is claiming that CD Projekt broke the agreement between the two companies by removing the DRM copy protection in a patch without Namco's knowledge, and by choosing THQ as the distributor of the Xbox 360 port of the game. Because of this dispute, Namco Bandai is now withholding payments of 1,225,000 euro (ca. $1.75 million dollars).

    This is what Adam Kiciński of CD Projekt said about it:

    As with most cases, we first tried to end the dispute peacefully. Attempts failed and because of this, we hoped that our partner would send the case to the court. The agreement that we signed last year, concerned only the distribution of “The Witcher 2″ for the PC. The records were carefully clarified to avoid any ambiguity.
    Namco Bandai have options when choosing the priority of our distributor’s version of the Xbox 360. It could use, but not taken advantage…

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  • Ausir

    CD Projekt's Tomasz Gop talked to Eurogamer about the upcoming Xbox 360 version of their hit cRPG, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, which is currently available only for the PC.

    The PC version of the game has quite impressive visuals. The developer promised that the 360 version will definitely look better than the PC version with minimum graphics settings, and while he's not promising anything, they're doing what they can to make the game look as good on the console as the medium settings on the PC.

    The game is coming to Microsoft's console in November. No plans for a PlayStation 3 version have been announced yet, unfortunately. As previously stated, of the game's DLC will be free on the 360, just like they are in the PC version.

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  • JPulowski

    The second patch for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings will be available on 03/06/2011.

    Also along with the new patch there is a new DLC called "Barbers and Coiffeuses". As you can guess, now Geralt will be able to change his hairstyle.

    Some traders also provide barbershop services. For a small fee, Geralt can get them to change his hairstyle. Search notice boards for information about barbers and coiffeuses offering services of this nature in a given location.

    • In Flotsam, in Chapter 1 of the game, these services are available from the antique book dealer Einar Gausel.
    • In Chapter 2, look either for Sambor in Henselt's Camp or for Felicia Cori in Vergen.
    • This apprentice sorceress also provides hairstyling services in Loc Muinne, in Chapter 3 of the game.

    • All previously released DLC packages are installed with Patch 1.2:
      • "Blue Stripes Combat Jacket"
      • "Ultimate Alchemist's Outfit"
      • "Ultimate Mage's Outfit"
      • "Ultimate Swordsman's Outfit"
      • "Finisher Pack"
      • "Mysterious Merchant"
      • "Troll Trouble"
    • Patch 1.2 adds …

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  • Ausir

    The Xbox 360 version of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has just been officially announced in an Optimus stock market filing (in Polish). Optimus is the parent company of CD Projekt. The company announced a publishing deal with Atari in North America for the console version, just like with the PC edition.

    Some Polish stores have already announced the release date as November 15. We'll likely learn whether it's true during the conference.

    The announcement was made during the ongoing CD Projekt Summer Conference, during which we're likely to learn additional details.

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  • Ausir

    There's been news all around the web about a porn parody of The Witcher being in the works. A supposed DVD cover of The Bitcher, from Digital Playground studio, known for its high-budget adult movies, starring Evan Stone as Geralt and Sasha Grey as Yennefer being posted on various sites, including ones as popular as Destructoid.

    I'm sure the news excited many fans of the Witcher series, and I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but no such movie is actually being made. As it turns out, the story was made up by Polish fantasy writer Jakub Ćwiek in his monthly column in the Nowa Fantastyka science fiction magazine, where each time he writes about false but plausible events, and each time someone manages to fall for it (but for the first time internationally!)

    Did any of you believe it? Or did you know it's fake from the start?

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  • Ausir

    Two major Polish gaming stores, (which used to be owned by CD Projekt) and Ultima already offer The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings for the Xbox 360 platform. Both stores list the release date as November 15, 2011. Is this a premature leak or just speculation? If true, it will certainly face tough competition in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

    The Xbox 360 version of the game was already rated M by the ESRB recently as well. For now, nothing is known about when (or even whether) the game will come to the PlayStation 3.

    We're very likely to find out either at CD Projekt's press conference tomorrow or at E3, as CD Projekt's Tomasz Gop already stated recently that E3 will bring good news for console gamers. Stay tuned, we'll make sure to bring you the latest news on this!

    Source: Gamezilla

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  • Game widow

    Sorry for delay in announcing them, but without further ado, here are the lucky winners of digital, DRM-free copies of the Enhanced Edition of the game from Good Old Games:

    • Gamersparadise
    • Kyle James
    • Doktorzli
    • Mugsn
    • Great Jake
    • WillyHowlingMoon
    • Robb5
    • Neoscorpiox
    • Oureax
    • Mudkipz84

    Enjoy the game people! I know I did :)

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  • Ausir

    US President Barack Obama received, among other gifts from Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, a copy of the Collector's Edition of Polish hit video game The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, as well as copies of the two Witcher books by Andrzej Sapkowski (The Last Wish and Blood of Elves) signed by the author.

    Among other gifts there was also an iPad containing animated movies by Tomasz Bagiński, creator of the cinematic intro for the original The Witcher, including the Academy Award-nominated The Cathedral.

    Obama is known for having a geeky side. Do you think he'll actually play the game?

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  • JPulowski

    The first patch for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is available right now.

    The patch will not be available via the game launcher. Users must update their games manually.

    For more information and download links please visit The Witcher 2 official web-site. If you are using version of the game please take a look at this page for instructions.


    • Fixed the free Troll Trouble DLC download. It is now included in the patch so there's no need to download and install it separately.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from downloading other free DLCs (the ones given out with some pre-orders, special promotions, etc). The launcher now properly refreshes the list of available DLCs and allows for installation.
    • Performance improvements: approximately 5% to 30% better framerate and faster game loading for many users, depending on their individual systems and game versions. Owners of retail versions can expect the biggest improvements.
    • Fixed random crashes occurring on some systems, es…
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  • ThorwaldR

    German publisher DTV recently announced its plan to release the German translation of the short story collection Coś się kończy, coś się zaczyna (English: Something ends, something begins / German: Etwas endet, etwas beginnt).

    It is currently set for release in March 2012.

    With this, all of Andrzej Sapkowski's novels and short stories about Geralt of Rivia will have been officially translated and published in German.

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  • Ausir

    CD Projekt's Tomasz Gop told Eurogamer that a brand new Witcher project will be announced at E3 next month.

    The Witcher 2 senior producer didn't reveal much, but he did say that the company might have good news for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users. Even long before the PC premiere of the game, there have been many rumors of a console port, which seem to be pretty much confirmed now. I wonder if CD Projekt intends to resurrect the canceled console remake of the first game, The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf, or whether console players will need to play the first game in its original PC version in order to know the whole story.

    One thing is certain - the game that is about to be announced is not The Witcher 3 yet. Although given the great reviews the second game is getting, I'm sure a third one will eventually be made too.

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  • Ausir

    The first piece of downloadable content for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, titled Troll Trouble is now available for download for free to all registered owners of the game.

    To download it, simply choose "Downloadable Content" from the launcher menu. You can see a trailer for the DLC here.

    As announced by CD Projekt, all of The Witcher 2 small DLC packs (consisting of a single questline) will be free. However, the game will have larger expansion packs later on that will cost you money.

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  • Game widow

    Just got The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings but haven't had a chance to play the original The Witcher yet? If you want to revisit Geralt's first video game adventure, here's your chance, thanks to our giveaway of 10 digital, DRM-free copies of the Enhanced Edition of the game from Good Old Games.

    To enter, simply create an account and log in. Next, post a comment below stating why you’re excited to play the original Witcher game! You must be 18 to enter the contest. All entries must be entered by 12:00AM UTC, Sunday, May 22nd.

    Also, if you don't have the long anticipated sequel, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, yet, you can buy a DRM-free Digital Premium Edition exclusively on GOG.COM as well!

    Contest organized by Witcher Wiki administrators and Good Old Games.

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  • Ausir

    Just after the midnight premiere of the game in Europe, the first patch for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has already been released. Here's the list of changes:

    • Several major balance fixes (economy and fight)
    • On screen fixes (items descriptions, journal etc)
    • Audio mix fixes
    • Several audio areas, music, cutscene fixes and added better sounds
    • Many UI fixes (functional, smoother and more user friendly ex. inventory items selection)
    • Many fixes to quests, quests markers
    • Visual fixes to fade outs, blackscreens in scenes, cutscenes
    • Many community fixes - work, npc’s life
    • Big opponents fights balance and fixes
    • Many cutscenes fixes - animations, items, lipsync
    • Gamepad fixes - playing gamepad is now much better
    • Camera fixes - collisions with objects, collisions with npc’s, combat camera improvements
    • Some hair physics fixes
    • Minor QTE fixes
    • Several locations fixes - objects collisions, environments improvements, lights, effects
    • Crafting, shops, alchemy improvements
    • Added new autosaves in important places (ex. be…
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  • Ausir

    There's only one day left until the premiere of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. We definitely can't wait for the game! Meanwhile, here's the game's official launch trailer:

    Be sure to visit the wiki after the game's release to get all kinds of game help and to help us build the best source of information about The Witcher 2!

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  • Ausir

    Apparently, the Russian publisher of The Witcher 2 decided to beat the Polish Playboy session of virtual Triss Merigold and decided to release a calendar with a nude model posing as Triss and a non-nude one (unfortunately for most female fans and some male ones) posing as Geralt.

    Triss is a Ukrainian model known as Klodi Monsoon. removed link, her account no longer exists

    Here's a video from the photo shoot.

    And some pics:

    Myself, I'm still nerd-raging about Triss lacking her scars from the Battle of Sodden Hill that she's supposed to have according to the books.


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  • Ausir

    Triss Merigold in Playboy

    April 30, 2011 by Ausir

    Triss Merigold, the beautiful red-headed sorceress and Geralt's main love interest in the game, has been featured in the latest issue of the Polish edition of the Playboy magazine. Here's the cover.

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  • Game widow

    Joystiq has a new article up (The Witcher 2 takes a stab at combat in latest dev walkthrough) with a great developer walkthrough of the new Witcher 2 fighting system.

    • Check out the video!

    I can hardly wait to try it out! And don't forget to check out the preview on Eurogamer

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  • Game widow

    Saviors of Queens

    April 1, 2011 by Game widow

    Check out CD Projekt RED's newest offering starring none other than our favourite bard, Dandelion!

    • The Bard: Saviors of Queens
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  • Game widow

    Yes, it's sad but true. Pani Jeziora (The Lady of the Lake) was recently translated to German (Die Dame vom See) and the French version La Dame du Lac is due out on July 8, so where oh where are the English translations? I'm looking at you Gollacz! This is insane! I'm lucky enough to be able to read the books in French, but for many fans of the Witcher, this is just unacceptable. I expect the Italians will probably publish all the books before the English translations ever get done .. and they only just published La Spada del Destino (The Sword of Destiny).

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  • Game widow

    Check out the newest trailer for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings showing some pretty cool footage and also the contents of the upcoming Collector's Edition of the game, billed as the "The Richest Collector's Edition Ever".

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  • CrackWhiz

    Second Developer Diary

    November 27, 2010 by CrackWhiz

    The second developer diary has been out since 9th November.

    It can be viewed here:


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  • AedanCousland

    New gameplay footage

    August 19, 2010 by AedanCousland

    It seems that finally some new Gameplay footage from one of the most anticipated games of 2011,the Witcher 2,has been leaked from the Games Com in Cologne.

    Here's the links for the videos,hurry up Youtube may delete them !

    Of course i'd like to credit the original source GamezillaPL

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  • Cal1s has penned a brief article clarifying the often asked question by newcomers - which version of the original Witcher to play before The Witcher 2 comes out.

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  • Ausir

    In response to rumors about The Witcher 2 DRM, the following has been posted in the official forum:

    1. We believe that the chief way to achieve favorable sales of legal game copies is to establish the right relation between game price and product quality. In our opinion, it is more important to encourage acquisition of original game copies than to punish those who play pirated copies.
    2. Copyright protection cannot impede or hamper the use of legally acquired game copies. In particular:
    • Games that do not require an Internet connection for gameplay reasons should not require an active Internet connection for normal use.
    • Game installation should in no way be limited, neither as regards the number of repeated installations on a given system, nor in terms of the number of systems on which a game can be installed.
    • Internet-based registration of game copies is advisable only where the developer makes available, free of charge and via the Internet, additional game content or other services requir…
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  • Ausir

    Gaming site Faceoff Games has an interview with The Witcher 2 senior producer Tomek Gop. Here's an excerpt:

    F.O.G: You've said that the this game's main plot will be shorter than the original Witcher, but that side content will be much more involved. Can you give us an example of how these side missions will play out?
    TG: It's pretty much all about binding the quests with the story. The main plot of the game features the king slayers, so most of the things the player will do throughout the game will involve Geralt trying dig deeper into this thread. Even with things that seem distant in storyline (like for example, killing a huge monster that endangers the town), it still appears that there are strings attached. I don't want to spoil it.
    F.O.G: We've been told there will be no "FedEx missions", that missions wouldn't have the player going from point A to point B delivering packages. Is this really true? Other games in the past have claimed the same, and have failed to delivery. Can players…
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  • Ausir

    The Witcher 2 dev diary

    June 7, 2010 by Ausir

    VoodooExtreme has a new The Witcher 2 developer diary, where CD Projekt Red developers explain the design of the story.

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  • Game widow

    After making very few changes for a very long time, we finally have a new home page for the Witcher wiki. Less clutter and more pictures :)

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  • Game widow

    On March 24th, 2010, it was announced that The Witcher: Versus will now being ported to the iPhone! Read the (Polish) article here.

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