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Nazair is situated just south of the Amell Mountains, through which the Slopes and Riverdell can be reached via the Theodula Pass. North of Nazair lie Cintra and Upper Sodden. To the east is Mag Turga. The river Yelena borders the province to the south, and beyond it is Metinna. The Great Sea flanks it to the west. It was conquered by Nilfgaard and acts as a vassal sate.

Heraldry Edit

Hrb unof Nazair COA Nazair czech

This coats of arms for Nazair are not actually described in the novels. First particular coat of arms was designed by our resident heraldry and Witcher expert Mboro. About that second, it was inspired by Czech concept and designed by Juraj103 and might be considered as crest before Nilfgaardian conquest.

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  • Nazair is famous for its blue roses, with a faint purple shade at the tips of the petals. Nivellen's grandfather brought seedlings to grace the yard of their manor.
  • Nilfgaard conquered Nazair during the wars. It was known for its fierce resistance to the occupation and many an uprising.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Blood and Wine expansion of the Witcher 3, during the "Capture the Castle" quest, the Nazairi soldiers use a great number of Dutch profanities; this includes rotzak ("scumbag"), schijtlijster ("coward"), stront ("shit") and piemellikkers ("cocksuckers"). They also use the word kusse, later explained by Regis to refer to a vagina. This is akin to Dutch kut and its older form kutte, which carry the same meaning (though kusse is more likely from Danish, where it means "pussy"). Most if not all of these words are very likely Nilfgaardian.