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Naiads are one kind of nymph, which is to say that they are members of a large class of female mythological entities in human form. In particular, they are associated with water.

The Witcher (PC) Edit

"[I am] A naiad, a water nymph. I serve the Lady of the Lake."

The Naiad is a nymph who enjoys the waters of the eastern shore of the Lakeside and the river near Murky Waters, where she delights in the presence of the Lady. However, drowners have lately been harassing her, most likely under their leader, Zephyr's orders, to the point of stealing her turquoise necklace, a gift from the Lady of the Lake.

She is also a skilled healer and as one possible reward for services rendered, she grants the witcher the status of lifelong patient.

Associated quests Edit

Note Edit

  • The same model is used for the naiad and the dryad.

Video Edit

Naiad Old Habits Die Hard07:04

Naiad Old Habits Die Hard

Gallery Edit

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