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First appearance in one of monic vessel which promo trailers

The Naglfar is a demonic vessel which is said to be built by demons from the finger- and toe-nails of the dead. The vessel is said to sail from Mörhogg, the land of Chaos, to the land of the living carrying an undead army which will wage the final battle of good and evil known as Ragh nar Roog.

To this day, Skelligans also cut the nails of their recently deceased in an effort to minimize the building materials available to the demon builders.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit


The Naglfar the longship is made of deadmen's claws and is the vessel used by Eredin and his Wild Hunt warriors. After the Wild Hunt was lured into a trap near Undvik Geralt and Eredin had their final duel on the deck of the ship.

Behind the scenes Edit

TW3 concept arts Naglfar like flying ship

Concept arts of Naglfar as flying ship

I had pleasure to design and illustrate the Wild Hunt Ship - Naglfar. The ship's design went through a long ideation process before it reached its final shape. During the process. I created basic 3D model, which helped with proper scale and proportion, as well as a few detailed concepts of the Naglfar deck, which were helpful in modelling.[1]

Many sketches and designs for the Naglfar were made. Early ones assumed this ship would fly through the air. In the end, however, the more subdued concepts which better fit the grounded feel of the witcher universe won out. The drawing above shows the final version of the Naglfar, the ghastly Hunt’s equally ghastly vessel.[2]

Gallery Edit

Notes & references Edit

  1. Words of illustrator Maciej Wojtala
  2. The Witcher 3: Artbook

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