Mystery of Mysteries is a book in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, written by Agnes of Glanville.

Journal entry Edit

Among the many creatures of our world there are but two that are able to draw and absorb the Power, and these are cats and dragons. Both species instinctively sense the presence of magic intersections and often choose them as resting places, which is strange, for other animals avoid these same spots. Numerous theories attempt to explain this behavior, but none do so with thorough success. Some scholars claim dragons use the Power they imbibe to fly - for as the natural philosophers have proven, no creature of their size and mass should be capable of lifting itself into the air using such meager wings.

As for cats, there is a theory stating the Power is behind their gift for seeing things in complete darkness. Others claim this ability is theirs by nature, and they use the Power of the intersections for other, unknown purposes. Indeed, that all members of the felidae genus are able to see beings from other planes, invisible persons and emanations of the Power has been proven beyond any doubt on numerous occasions.