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There are two mysterious letters in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:

Mysterious note 1Edit

Associated questEdit

Journal entry Edit

All is prepared. We await only your arrival. When I told the commander of your commitment and zeal, he agreed to welcome you into our ranks at once. At first, you will be put through preliminary training, but you already know how to ride and wield a blade and thus have already mastered the essentials. The rest will not take much time. As soon as you don our colors, we will set out in search of your mother. And we will find her — I promise. Even if we have to comb every inch of Velen.

Mysterious note 2Edit

Associated questEdit

Journal entry Edit

To Whoreson Junior
King Radovid is unhappy with your performance. You were to rid of the other members of the so-called "Big Four," yet not only do they still live, but they also now know of your role in their attempted assassination. That was not our arrangement.
For the time being, hide in the place which the messenger delivering this missive will indicate and stay out of sight. His Majesty lives in the hope that mutual animosity between the other members of the Big Four will finish the job which you attempted, yet flubbed so badly.

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