The "mysterious assassin" (d. September 1270) was a witcher of a School of the Viper and the first member of the Kingslayers to attempt to kill King Foltest, albeit he was unsuccessful. Geralt, who was in the process of receiving his reward for destroying Salamandra and removing Jacques de Aldersberg, was in the castle when the assassin made his move. An intense sword fight played out between the two since he was skilled in fighting using two swords before Geralt killed the would-be regicide.

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Since the Viper School is located in southern part of Continent, it is possible that he was born somewhere in Nilfgaardian Empire. At some point in his childhood, he was taken in by the Viper witchers and subjected to trials which mutated him into a being with nearly superhuman speed, strength and/or other deadly powers.[1] While training, he became friend with trainees named Auckes, Serrit, and Letho and later on they tried to bring back glory to their school.[2]

During winter 1269, the foursome helped Geralt track down King of the Wild Hunt since the former saved Letho from slyzard while on the Path. They initially fought against the Wild Hunt but later, Geralt exchanged himself for Yennefer. Geralt then asked the foursome to look after Yennefer before departing with the Wild Hunt. In the end, witcher and his friends ended up in Nilfgaardian jail where Imperator Emhyr var Emreis offered them to rebuild their statute once they caused chaos in Northern Kingdoms.[2]

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Mysterious assassin against

Critical moment

In September 1270, he managed to enter Temerian Royal Palace in Vizima just when Geralt, who shortly after their last meeting lost his memory, was in the process of receiving his reward for destroying Salamandra and removing Grand Master of the Order of the Flaming Rose, Jacques de Aldersberg, from power. He snuck past all the guards, killing two of them in the process and would also kill a king if he did not wear heavy armor and Geralt did not rush to king's aid. The two fought but Geralt managed to get upper hand and killed him.[3]

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"His pupils suggested he could probably see in the dark as well as you. I couldn't put an age on him."
- Triss Merigold, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
Mysterious assassin dead

The witcher lying dead in front of Geralt and Foltest

Immediately after his death, he was searched trough and trough by royal medics in the palace until they passed his body to Triss Merigold. She did the autopsy and learned that he could see in a dark and his age could not be identified. He also wore no medallion. Although he was unsuccessful in his attempt, King Foltest died nevertheless by hands of none other than his friend, Letho.[1] However, the witcher, of course, did not live to see how Imperator, when all was done, turned his back and did not keep the word.[4]

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