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Master Myron is a secondary character in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. He is a merchant and dice poker player who can be found in the hospital tent, west of the Kaedweni camp canteen during chapter II.

He likes to jest, as evidenced in Geralt's first meeting with him.

Journal EntryEdit

Stiff as a halberd, the apothecary Myron ran the field hospital and sold alchemical ingredients on the side.


  • Master Myron sells the formula for Gadwall potion needed to advance the quest The Assassins of Kings.
  • Master Myron is interested in the Wild Hunt. After finding the Wild Hunt Investigator's notes in the catacombs you can discuss it with him and summarize your findings.
  • He might be a reference to Myron, a character in Fallout 2 who also dabble in chemistry.


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